Use these 4 tips before 'going live'

Make the most of your experience by following these simple steps

So you’ve decided it’s time to dip your toes in the water of going live. It’s not enough to just ‘go live’.  Sure everyone is doing it but you aren’t everyone. Think about it, how long would you watch someone jamming out in their car?  Not long.  We’re all busy so if you want to keep viewers interested (and that is the name of the game) you’re going to have to engage them.  There are a lot of ways to do that, I’m outlining the top ones here.

1. Let your audience know when it’s happening

Schedule the live and post it across all of your social media accounts and stick to it.  If you say you’re going live at 2pm on Thursday, you better be live at 2pm on Thursday or have a notice telling them it will be happening in a few minutes.

2. Know what you’re going to say and do

The key to Facebook Live video is keeping viewers engaged for longer amounts of time than say Snapchat or Instagram.  This allows them to get to know you, ask you questions and more importantly share it so others can find you. So have a plan.  The best way to go about this is to find something you can teach or show them that centers around your business.  If you’re a restaurant make a cocktail or appetizer, if you’re a boutique hold a mini fashion show.  Know your beginning, middle and end before you start.

3. Communicate with your viewers

This is what makes Facebook Live so unique!  News anchors can’t talk to their viewers. YOU CAN! Keep an eye on the comment section and mention people by name, answer their questions and ask them questions. It’s ok if you can’t get to all of them. That’s the beauty of Facebook Live. The video stays on the website and so do the comments, so you can go in and answer them individually later.  More importantly you know who was watching.

4. The payoff

Give them a reason to keep watching.  Offer a discount code at the end of the video as an incentive to get them to your business.  Make sure to mention it throughout the 'live' to keep them watching. You can even do a contest for those that share the video.  It remains live on your site so anyone who didn’t catch it live can still get in on the action.

Final thought. If you are nervous, and let's face it who isn't? Try changing the settings on who can view the live to 'only me' and do a test run before you schedule your first 'official' live. This will give you a feel for how the technology works and you'll get used to seeing yourself on camera.

Now go gettem Tiger!!

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