Top video trends for brands

We're all spending a lot of time streaming video these days. The next time you scroll through your favorite video platform, take a closer look at the content. Over the past few years brands have slowly been creating programming... and it's really good!

We're all familiar with product placement and sponsorships. Hello, Project Runway? But now brands are getting even more creative.

Here are a few examples.

The Un-Adventurers

Tastemade (you know those great Tasty videos you see on Facebook? yeah those guys) they teamed up with Hyundai to create this new long form video series airing on the eponymous streaming channel. The 4-part series follows 4 people as they leave their home state for the first time and they're doing it, you guessed it, in Hyundai vehicles.

"During this unprecedented time, the Tastemade audience is looking for unique ways to stay engaged, andThe Un-Adventurers offers viewers the chance to virtually transport to various cities nationwide while establishing an emotional connection with our featured individuals." Jeff Imberman, Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships at Tastemade

Crazy about Tiffany's

This documentary takes you inside the history of the iconic jewelry brand Tiffany's, sharing it's impact on pop culture and behind the scenes details of the design process. If you are a fan of Tiffany's this is going to boost your brand loyalty, if you have never been to Tiffany's, this will make you want to go. The documentary is entertaining and pretty much a giant content driven advertisement for the iconic brand.

Another example of this type of brand documentary is Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie which takes you behind the scenes of the toy maker as it designed a new, curvier doll. Watch the trailer.

Papa Ray's Vintage Vinyl Roadshow On a smaller scale, St. Louis, Missouri based independent record store Vintage Vinyl recently released the 50-minute documentary, Papa Ray's Vintage Vinyl Roadshow. I produced this documentary which will air on PBS locally as part of the network's annual membership drive. The store is iconic in the area, with a loyal following that spans generations. It is also known nationally as one of the top record stores in the U.S. The documentary brings the store's history to life through anecdotal commentary and archival footage, and shares behind the scenes stories that increase brand loyalty.

Christmas Karen: Behind The Story

Karen Schaler is a prolific screenwriter and author who has written five Christmas movies and four Christmas novels in the past three years. To promote her newest book, Christmas Ever After, she created a 5-episode video interview series that takes viewers inside Hollywood with insight from directors, actors, authors and publishers. Schaler contacted me to act as Executive Producer on this series. One of the things I like the most is its versatility. It can also be used as a podcast to reach even more of the Christmas loving demographic.

Watch the entire series.

As you can see there are many opportunities to use video to showcase your brand and they go beyond the traditional email newsletter and social media video. The key is finding the one that fits your brand identity, budget and audience. Hit us up for an exploratory call and you could be our next big production.