The BEST place to 'go live'

Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter.  There are a lot of ways to ‘go live’ these days but none is as powerful as Facebook Live.

Sure Facebook has had its share of controversies but overall it is a tremendous tool for businesses to introduce themselves to potential customers and engage with existing ones.

You may be asking, why not just upload a video? There are several good reasons to go live.  Facebook is invested in live video so it puts them higher in the news feed which means more people have the opportunity to see it.  That translates to a greater return because Facebook live video also outperforms embedded video by 3 times.

As if that wasn’t enough, after you go live the video stays on your Facebook page which makes it a HUGE marketing opportunity.  The video can also be downloaded and used in email blasts or edited into shorter lengths and posted on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram

One Facebook Live video has the potential to feed ALL your social media with some slight adjustments.

As a veteran broadcast professional I see great opportunity with Facebook Live.  Anyone can now create and distribute up to 1.5 hours of content anytime they want.  That is phenomenal!

What was once reserved for TV stations is now in every household in the U.S. Think about what you can do with that power!

So why aren't you doing it?

Let me guess.  You think it’s a fad. Think again. Look around, where do you see video? The answer is everywhere!  This is not going away, it is only getting bigger.

You don’t think you have anything important to say. I guarantee you are wrong. I’ve been creating stories using video for more than 20 years and I have learned from every one I’ve done.

You’re scared.  Don’t be!  Just be yourself!  Go in with a plan for what you want viewers to know and if you run out of things to say... sign off! It’s that easy. And keep in mind the majority of people watching you, already like your page so they are friendly faces.

Once you do it a few times you’ll be a pro and you’ll wonder why you ever questioned starting.

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