Follow these 3 tips before hitting record

You've determined your video content, you know where you're going to post, before hitting record make sure you follow these 3 tips.

1. Clothing choice

Solid bright colors work the best and make sure it's something you are comfortable wearing. If it doesn't fit quite right, it will stick in the back of your mind and it can impact your performance.

Avoid white, black and small prints, they throw off the camera. Have you ever seen it when it looks like the video is jumping or moving around on a certain piece of clothing? That's because the print is too small.

Only worry about the parts that you will see on camera, if you need to wear sweat pants and they won't be on camera go for it!

2. The 'set'

Make sure the background is clutter free, if there's a lot going on behind you it will pull the attention away from you and what you are saying.

If you will be sitting, avoid couches and big comfy chairs, they generally cause slouching. If you have to use one of those for your video, find a few pillows and put them behind your back, it will help you sit up straight. If there aren't any pillows around, put your tush toward the front of the chair. There's nothing quite like feeling like you're going to fall off of something to make you sit up straight!

3. Mirror Check

Channel your inner Snow White and do that quick mirror check to make sure your hair and makeup are on point. You can also use this as a time to get yourself hyped for the video. It could be a mantra, chant, affirmation, whatever you do to make yourself feel good, Do it! Take in how good you look and what you are about to accomplish!! Own that power and it will come through on the video.

Alright badass, get your face in front of that lens and hit record!! You got this!!!

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