Facebook Live: 3 creative uses to grow your business

Not all Facebook Live's are created equal, the best ones have content the audience wants to see that is also engaging. But there are a few other things to keep in mind; one of the biggest is consistency. You need to go live on a regular basis while providing your viewers valuable content. The more you do this the more you train your audience to look for your broadcasts.

Facebook Live broadcasts remain on your page forever, but did you know you can also download them and use them in other marketing materials? Yep. Get rid of the mindset that Facebook Live video is only good for the time it's live and only good for Facebook. Once that video is downloaded, upload it to YouTube and get it in front of another audience. Here is a live video where I outline a client's success and 2 more ways you can use Facebook Live video to make more money and expand your brand awareness.

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