3 Tips For Effective Digital Video

Make sure your videos stand out from the crowd

Today’s crowded video space is getting more crowded by the minute. More and more channels are opening up, placing an even greater importance on video in your marketing plan. 

So how can you make sure your video is effective?  Follow these 3 tips.

1. Location, location, location

The realtors have it right when they say location, location, location.  It’s also the key to any digital video strategy.  Live video content has a different purpose than a short video and different platforms have different viewers.  Your marketing goals will determine the type of video you create and where you place it. Knowing the platforms specifications will also help.  If you can’t fit your messaging into 1 minute and you don’t want to go live, you can forget about Instagram.  Ready to go live? Consider doubling up and maximizing the benefit on Facebook and Instagram.  What is your goal?  Determine it first, then figure out where to place the video to achieve it.

2. What’s your story? 

Determine a clear message to convey through your video, then plan how you’re going to visually create that message. This doesn’t have to be an epic screenplay but you should be able to answer the ‘why’ before creating and posting a video. If you can’t answer, you shouldn’t be posting it.

One very effective way to do this is through show and tell.  Yep, its just like in grade school. If you are going to show people something you’ll also need to tell them about it. The best videos entertain and educate. The video is the entertaining part, the explanation through on screen text or talking is the education.

Get creative!!  The next time you find yourself sucked into a video, go back and watch it again and try to dissect what you like about it, then try to recreate it using your personality and business.

3. Can you hear me now? 

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Sure you want to wow viewers with gorgeous video but if they can’t hear what you’re saying you might as well be posting pictures. Invest in an inexpensive microphone it will make all the difference.  I recommend the Shure MV88 ($150) and the Rode VideoMic Me ($60) both plug right into your phone and are very easy to use.

Most importantly, have fun! Show your personality and connect with your audience.

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