3 products to get camera ready

As a producer one of my jobs is to make sure the person on camera looks their best. That means I have to pay attention to a lot of details. Are there fly aways? How does the makeup look? Is the tie crooked? What about lint or dandruff (eww!!)? It all makes a difference in the quality of your video.

Here are my 3 top items to have on hand when you are recording a video. Of course it's not the end of the world if you don't have these but they do come in very handy.

1. Translucent Powder

This works for men and women even bald heads. It's a quick way to reduce shine and because it's translucent it works on pretty much all skin tones. No need to drop a fortune, I like Neutrogena brand, which retails for about $12. You can find it at any drug store or major retailer.

2. Lint Roller

If you are wearing dark colors, this is a life saver. I get mine from the dollar store and keep one in the car, in my camera bag, my purse. They are a great tool to have around even if you aren't recording video. Do a quick once over on the shoulders, front of the shirt and arms and you'll be all set!

3. Hairspray

Even if you don't regularly use hairspray keep some on hand when you are recording. When you check the mirror before recording, look for fly aways or stray hairs on the top of your head. This is especially important for ladies with blonde hair. I don't know the mechanics behind it but I always seem to catch those fly aways on the blondies more than the brunettes.

Outside of fly aways it can also help to tame some frizz. As a curly girl, I have used hairspray on occasion with some success. On a brutally humid day you may be out of luck but it is worth a shot. Again, no need to break the bank here, TRESemme is a solid brand you can find at major retailers for just a few bucks.

The spray pictured above is an argon oil spray that works to moisturize and has some hold, but a traditional hair spray with a medium hold will work best for all hair types

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